A goal without a plan is simply a wish. Dream it, believe it, do it!

Got ambitions & big ideas? Of course you do - in fact I guarantee you do! We all have problems to solve, places to be, heights to reach, and people to become. There is a wealth of information on the methods high achievers use to turn their dreams into a reality. The following process is an efficient, practical process to managing our goals.

It's so motivating & inspiring to hear of people taking the steps to chase their dreams, follow their heart, and let passion lead the way! It can feel so great to go after our dreams that sometimes we just keep chasing without ever taking the time to ask where they are taking us, how are we getting there and what are we going to do once we arrive.

"There are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other." - Douglas H Everett

Answering the questions below is a fantastic start to following goals with clarity, confidence & belief. Give it a try and see what you discover.



What do you want? Be specific with this and know what you are wanting to achieve. Say it out loud and WRITE IT DOWN on paper.

How are you going to know once you get it? Imagine you've achieved your goal, recognize what is different and how it feels.

In what areas of your life does the goal matter? If you are wanting to start a new hobby, this may not be relevant to your work life. If you are looking to be a better public speaker, it may only be for presentations and not in a bar with your friends.


What is stopping you from pursuing this goal and giving it your best shot? Not the same as answering what stops you achieving it, rather what might be stopping you from really trying.

What skills or traits do you possess that will help you make it? You have qualities that will help you on your journey, find them. Don't be modest, be honest! Determined, charismatic, competent & brave are all a part of who you have become through every challenge you have ever encountered & overcome.

What qualities or skills could you do with more of or are lacking? Be honest now! I'll be honest with you if it helps - I am not the most patient person, I lack focus, I don't always plan or prepare well. However, I know I can gain these qualities or learn from and use the help of those around me.


Who or what is going to be impacted by you achieving your goal? Maybe a relationship is going to change, you won't be able to go on as many holidays, or you are going to take on some more responsibilities. Change always comes at an opportunity and a cost!

What's the first step you can take to achieving your goal? Keep it simple, keep it easy and make sure you can start it NOW! Small steps can lead to big changes.

Is it worth the effort? Now you know what you want and how to get it, is it worth the effort? It may take some time & energy, obstacles could appear, and the situation can change so you want this answer to be an unequivocal YES! If that's not your answer, find out where the hesitation is coming from.


Each question can take time, and may well challenge you, but if it was easy you would have achieved it already! We don't always know what we actually want, but knowing what you don't want is a good start to finding out. A desire to change is a powerful motivator but means very little if you do not believe you can, or if you don't give yourself any options. If you build resilience, flexibility and choice into your goals you are giving yourself a really strong foundation to chase your dreams and turn them into a reality!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the journey.

Jon Wichett

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