Interview: Chris Jewell, cave rescue diver

What an an incredible start to our interview series! Chris is an accomplished cave diver with nearly 20 years experience who volunteers with the British cave rescue council. He was one of the lead divers in the daring Thai cave rescue (2018) that gripped the world, turning into one of the most successful and awe-inspiring survival stories of our time. For his valiant efforts in helping to save all 12 young boys & their football coach in a rescue bid that lasted several days underground plus weeks of preparation, Chris was awarded a Gallantry medal from the Queen, plus the first ever PADI medal of valour.

In this interview, we discuss 'performance under pressure' with Chris, who clearly has plenty of experience in the field and some interesting insights. We touch upon a wide range of topics to hear his opinions on how to manage the body's panic response (fight, flight, or freeze), the importance of visualization techniques, comfort zones, how to mitigate risks, and advice to the listeners on pursuing your ambitions.

You can watch the full video below, and to see some really inspiring videos of Chris in action head to his YouTube channel at

Comment below to let us know what your tips or stories are for thriving under pressure and feeling confident when it matters!

BaseCamp V article: Performance under Pressure

Find some helpful tips and advice on tapping into your most resourceful states. When we are under pressure, a key point is we are often choosing to perceive the situation as a high risk one. There are established methods that can help you not only keep your cool under pressure but accept it and become confident in a situation that, at one time, would have caused a panic response. Read the article here..

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