Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I have to pay to read content?    No. BCV will always be free to join. All articles are open to the public whether you want a coach or not.

What is Coaching?     A coach is there to help you identify well-aligned goals, explore what is holding you back, and develop actionable plans to achieve your ambitions. Read more about our coaching by clicking here...
What is a coaching session?     They are online talks (1-1.5 hours via Skype or Zoom) with Jon - life development coach, Master Practioner of NLP. The aim is often to create a comfortable space to explore your situation, develop congruence and clarity for you. Many sessions discuss your current state, your desired outcome, and what is stopping you from achieving this.

What are the webinars?     These are online lectures (via Zoom) with a set topic. We do leave approximately 30minutes at the end for general questions and discussions - for personal discussions you should consider a 1-on-1 coaching session.


What is a group workshop?    Many companies & education systems that work with young people moving abroad like to use our group workshop to offer an open forum to address any concerns, and to help prepare for the future with realistic expectations, sound advice, and a safe environment to express thoughts. Reach out to us and let us know what you would like to discuss.

Are your coaches qualified?     Yes. Jon is certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP and a mindset coach. For real world experience he has worked a general manager, climbing instructor and in 2006 completed a BSc in Psychology specializing in "the mind under pressure".

Who is the coaching for?     For anyone looking to embrace change and follow their ambitions. Whether you are changing jobs, starting a business, concerned about a loved one moving away, or simply bored of routine we are confident you will discover new choices!

Why are you so affordable?     Compared to many NLP consultants, life coaches, and group workshops we realize we are very reasonably priced. Our value ensures the services are open to all, not simply those that can afford it.

How many sessions do I need?     Every situation is different, and there is no rigid answer. Some clients feel confident they have found their answers after only 1-2 sessions, for deeper issues they may require a more in depth approach requiring 3-5 sessions, or some ongoing clients like a monthly session simply to help them stay on track of their long term goals. The idea is to allow you to be aware of your own progress and goals.