Jon Wichett

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I believe small changes can have a big impact, and even a small change in our way of thinking for example, can make large impacts not only on our lives, but even the community around us. I find it really fulfilling working with people like you who are striving to overcome fears, conquer new highs, and looking to put their best foot forward when it’s going to end up counting the most. The reason I enjoy it is because I live the same way, I love to venture out, discover new opportunities, and to grow. For me, personal development is about learning to adapt, and embracing change, I really believe that is how we enjoy the journey!


You will often find me out in nature as climbing and mountaineering are a passion of mine. I have continued pursuing my love of adventure sports around the world for 15 years. By becoming a climbing instructor and caving leader, I realized the part I enjoyed the most of taking people into the mountains was actually the coaching part - self-limiting beliefs, goal alignment, comfort zones, and performing under pressure are all topics I have extensive real world experience in.

Jon is a mindset coach, fully certified as a Master Practitioner of NLP, BSc Psychology (2006) specializing in 'the mind under pressure in extreme & unusual environments'.




A mindset coach is there to help you identify well-aligned goals, explore what is holding you back, and develop actionable plans to achieve your ambitions. A good coach is not there to advise, they are there to listen and guide you through your own process - after all you know best (you may just not know it yet)!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a form of communication that focuses on the structural organization of your thoughts, feelings & memories - the HOW. Ever wondered why you procrastinate pursuing a goal? How is it that so many people don't understand you? Who are you angry with when you don't get your way? How long do you allow yourself to feel regret before moving on?

Clarity, transformation and self-congruence can be achieved in a short space of time. This is achieved by helping you identify problems, clarify goals, and show you how to achieve them in a realistic, sustainable manner.